In this webinar, we sat down with Thomas Campanella, Healthcare Executive in Residence at Baldwin Wallace University to understand how social determinants of health impact the health status of a community.

Highlights include:

  • What are the primary influencers on an individual's health status?

  • What does the effects of COVID-19 on disparate populations mean for the long term health of our communities?

  • How can we more effectively address SDOH within healthcare?


Watch COVID-19: A Wake-Up Call to Address SDOH
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Tom Campanella PictureThomas Campanella

Baldwin Wallace University

Mr. Campanella is Healthcare Executive in Residence at Baldwin Wallace University in Cleveland, Ohio. He also writes a healthcare blog on LinkedIn, follow him here.

Ken MagnessKen

Quadax, Inc.

As the Strategic Initiatives Leader at Quadax, Ken and his team are passionate about connecting with healthcare providers to help them create and leverage the appropriate technology solutions to optimize the revenue cycle process and improve the experience of their patients and staff.
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