Discover the benefits of gaining insights into consumer financial behaviors to get ahead of potential revenue cycle problems.

This presentation discusses the benefits of providing rich, consumer data assets and insights into consumer financial behaviors to increase registration process accuracy, create more transparent and positive patient experiences, empower staff members to make consistent intelligent decisions, and offer providers a way to maximize staff efficiency. Learn new strategies to reduce time from DOS to claim generation and increase visibility into revenue flow through the use of Analytics.

Key Learning Objectives

    • Understand the impact of market trends.

    • Discover practical solutions integrated at the point-of-decision to manage the challenges associated with incomplete or inaccurate patient information, increased patient financial responsibility, and unique payer requirements.

    • Review the value of integrated API solutions from the front-end to the back-end of the revenue cycle. 




Missy Tubbs
(Former) Senior Product Manager
Quadax, Inc.