Patient Access Antidote: Retaining More Revenue with Front End Solutions {white paper}

Patients’ financial liability in paying for healthcare services is almost unrecognizable from that prior to the early 2000s; yet many organizations, including clinical laboratories, have struggled to modernize their collection practices in turn. As a result of this mismatch, labs risk not just losing out on uncollected revenue, but also wasting time and resources on futile or minimally effective back-end collection efforts.

Reversing the problem is possible, however, by implementing the right best practices and revenue cycle management technologies. In particular, maximizing patient access early in the revenue cycle can help patients manage their financial responsibility and preempt many unnecessary denials, payment delays, and uncollected balances.

DD-WP-COVER-FINALDownload this white paper to take a deeper dive into the consumer trends having an impact on revenue cycle management, best practices in patient access management, and the expert-recommended tools and solutions that clinical laboratories can employ to respond. 

√  The Trend: Consumer Healthcare Costs Keep Climbing

√  The Role of Financial Education: A Primer for Guiding Patients

√  The Challenge of Meeting Complex Payer Requirements 

 √   Meeting Revenue Cycle Objectives & Implications for Patient Access

√   How to Maximize Patient Access: A Four-Pronged Approach

√   Patient Collections Best Practices